Computerized (CAD) Garment 3D Simulation & Prototyping Course on Optitex

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Course Overview

In this course, you will learn computerized garment 3D simulation and prototyping of all common types of garments. The course is available on Optitex software and is offered in both Hindi and English.

This course is suitable for people who already know garment pattern making and want to learn garment 3D simulation and prototyping as well to increase their skill level and employability. The course will be taught in a very easy and learner-friendly way starting from the absolute basics up to advanced professional level.

You will be given complete knowledge of garment 3D simulation and prototyping, we are not like other institutes who just teach software tools without giving any real knowledge of 3D simulation and prototyping methods and fitting techniques. Truth is that they can teach only the software, they cannot teach 3D simulation and prototyping of garments as they are not pattern makers. Unlike them, our courses are designed and taught by instructors who themselves have worked as senior pattern master for over 40 years in the garment industry and have the first-hand working experience of the industry and its processes. We will teach you both- how the software works as well as how to do perfect 3D simulation and prototyping with perfect fitting of any garment and style efficiently. Our goal is to make you a complete pattern master and not just a software operator.

After completing this course, you will be able to do perfect 3D simulation and prototyping having impeccable fitting of any type of garment no matter how difficult the sketch or style is. You will gain the required knowledge, efficiency and confidence to apply and work successfully in any garment company or to start your very own garment business.

Course Features

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All your questions related to our live online courses are answered below. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us via live chat in the bottom right corner, email or phone.

The online classes will be conducted via free live screen sharing and meeting software Google Meet/Zoom. The instructor will share his computer screen and webcam and will teach you live on Optitex/TUKACad software (depending on your course) running on his computer screen.

The courses are available in Hindi and English both. You will be asked to choose your preferred course instruction medium while filling the admission form. Choose Hindi if you can understand both Hindi and English. Choose English only if you don’t understand Hindi at all.

The courses are available on both Optitex and TUKAcad which are the two most popular industry-standard pattern making software right now. While filling the admission form, you will see two versions of the same course in the course selection field, one for Optitex and one for TUKAcad. You are required to select the appropriate course depending on which software you want to learn.

There are no special eligibility requirements apart from knowing basic english and some basic computer knowledge which most people have nowadays.

Also, since these are CAD (computerized) pattern making courses so if you already have some knowledge of manual pattern making or have a garment industry background, it will be a bit easy for you to learn but it is not required. Don’t worry, we will teach everything from the absolute basics and will give you the required knowledge of manual pattern making as well so that you can learn computerized pattern making easily.

First of all, you will need a laptop/computer and a good internet connection whether 4G or broadband (preferable) so that you can attend the live classes without any issue.

You will also need a google account(gmail account), which you most probably already have, to log in to Google Meet or Zoom and join the class.

Lastly but most importantly, for pattern making practice and assignments/homework given by the instructor, you will either need Optitex or TUKAcad depending on the course that you select and enroll in. Optitex software’s demo version will be provided and installed by us on your laptop/computer when you enroll in any of our Optitex courses. For TUKAcad, you will either need to purchase the 30 days trial subscription of their Learning Edition for $1/₹80 (approx.) or you can take their full monthly subscription if you like.

Don’t worry, we will help you set everything up so that you don’t face any difficulty.

There will be 2 classes per week in every course and each class will be of 2 hours (class days and class duration could be extended if needed). For the remaining days of the week between the 2 classes, the students will be given pattern making assignments on real industry sketches, styles and measurements which they have to complete and show the instructor in the next class. The instructor will evaluate it and check it for accuracy and fitting and provide their feedback. This is to improve learner’s real world pattern making work skills.

The class days and class timings will be flexible and will be discussed with each enrolled student according to their own convenience before finalizing.

No, the video recordings of the classes will not be provided. These are live classes and are not recorded.

The class days and class timings will be flexible and will be discussed with each enrolled student according to their own convenience before finalizing. The class schedule is made flexible so that you never face any difficulty in attending the class live.

In case you miss a class due to some unfortunate reason, arrangements can be made to give you a separate class from the rest of the batch.

Also, there will be special revision classes and doubt classes regularly so there is no need to worry.

You can ask all your doubts and problems to the instructor live during a class. Regular doubt classes and revision classes will also be provided to clear all your doubts so don’t worry.

1. Go to the desired course page and click on “Join This Course” button after which you will be taken to the admission form.

2. Fill and submit the admission form with your correct details and the instructions to submit the course fee to complete the admission will be communicated to you via email.

3. Once you submit the fee, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you confirming the admission and you will receive a phone call/email from us to discuss the class schedule.

Class and course schedule will be flexible and will be discussed with each enrolled student according to their own convenience before finalizing.

If you face any difficulty in attending the classes or have any other issue, you can message us anytime via live chat available in the bottom right corner of the website, email us at [email protected] or call us directly on +91-9582218952, 9654572011.

Don’t worry, we are always here for your success.